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Hello everybody! I'm a hoobist drawner, i like to draw anything at all!(but not mature sexual content) and i'm trying to improve myself. I use photoshop to color my artwork and sometimes i do some origamis and kirigamis. I just cant believe i'm here in less than a year and i already feel at home here...Have met wonderfull people in here too! some very friendly that i hold as much dear as my hometown friends! Oh, and my mother is also here, at deviantart.
Current Residence: my home
Favourite genre of music: almost all of them
Favourite style of art: everytinhg that can be shaped.
Favourite cartoon character: Will.E coyotte
Personal Quote: You have only one life, so dont be afraid of death, be afraid of didn't have lived enought


Heimi app for Stormfront by NathanOM
Heimi app for Stormfront
name: Heimi Croux
age: 24 years old. Hard for others to notice due to armor.
Species: Heracross common.
Type: Bug/fighting
Gender: Male
Rank: recruit
training level: begginer
Birthday:28 october
Personality: a quiet lad, but nonetheless cheerful. Loves to fuss and look at things in curiosity and greta interest in knowing how things works. Quite shy and of few words have made him hard to befriend, even if he tries to do so.

Backstory: Born on a loving family, Heimi always learned from his parents that the strong should defend the weak. His father was a pro-wrestler whose carrer would end years later when Heimi would be at the age of 18 due to a Voltorb his father defeated at the ring breakign the rules and using self-destruct, inflicting a serious wound on his father's leg and making him unable to fight anymore. His mother worked on a bakery, and every sunday she'd open the doors for homeless pokemons to eat what the store couldnt sell, so they never threw away products that would have otherwise gone to the garbage, a pratice his mother saw when she worked as a waitress many years ago and profoundly disgusted her.
Heimi was a quiet kid, and ever since pre-school, he would stand up to bulies who'd pick on the smaller children. Always patched up and with burns, his mother one day decided to literally wear him in safety gear, from kneepads to a small, adorable football helmet. Heimi stood up specially to a young munchlax that used to steal the lunches of the other kids, but Heimi always stood by him, which ended on both beaten, but laughting, nonetheless.
Years passed, and after the incident with the Voltorb, Heimi decided the world would need more heroes to defend the innocent, and applied to the bomb disposal squad at the police academy. A excruciating and horribly dangerous job, his mother awfully distraught athis decision, but nothing would stop him of doing so.



Ability: Guts
Nature: Bold
moveset: Arm thrust / Endure / Dig / Iron Defense
characteristics: Prone to get in the way of collateral damage to save others, enjoys helping others in any way he can.

extra: Though hsi armor is not a part of him, he grew so used and attached to it he is rarely seen without it. He still remembers a heracross from under all that though. Usually have to make modifications to teh protective wearables he buys due to his horn.

Heimi c Me
:iconpkmn-stormfrontcity: c
Pokemon c Gamefreak

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