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OCAD WEEK5: A game under your rules. by NathanOM
OCAD WEEK5: A game under your rules.
Hello everybody, this week at OCAD we had to play a game under our rules, but not just any rules, they had to symbolize a social aspect.
And whats better than making you remember you don't have to necessarily take the most violent path to win a game?

League of legends main objective is to destroy the nexus. The only game mechanic stopping you from that is the order you have to destroy the towers first. So, why not go super paciFist and uber your minions to do your dirty work?

Run 1: The absolute defeat.

The first run we only had the concept of not attacking champions at all nor minions.
It was a complete defeat since we could neither push them away nor power up our minions since we kept focusing on itens that boosted our CHAMPION statuses while they did nothing. 

Result: 0 kills, 0 creeps, many deaths, defeat.

Run 2: Managed to take down a turret.

The second run we decided on two itens. The Banner of command and the OhmWrecker. With those itens we managed to push down a turret, but we sacrificed the other lanes to power one, therefore we ended on a later game disadvantage. Worth remembering to this time we also didnt had a restriction on champions, so we kept too focused on our champions and not on our minions.

Result: 1 turret down, 0 kills, 70 creeps killed by the promoted minions(it doesn't count since you cant control the minions) and a victorious defeat.

Run 3: Now we're thinking with minions.

Now we managed to set on a set of itens minion-friendly.
Banner of command adds a % amount of damage to every minion, while its active promote a minion to almost champion level, OhmWrecker allows it to push even better a lane, Talisman of ascension allows you to pile up two minion waves in one for added pressure and any boots wiht the captain buff makes the minion waves progress faster.

We also decided on minion-friendly champions such as Janna and Taric, tanky ones like Mundo and Udyr or Turret bursting champions like Gangplank and Nasus.

Result: 0 kills, 100 creeps killed by siege minions(it doesn't count since you cant control the minions), 1 tower lost but victory was finally achieved!

Link to youtube video so you all can enjoy the show and the rules more detailed.…
images merely illustratives and found through google images.

i dont draw this well yet fellas.
Maskcharade ball playing cards by NathanOM
Maskcharade ball playing cards
Its the 3rd week at OCAD game jams! this tiem those are cards for augmented reality made by me.
Goat Teller GDD by NathanOM
Goat Teller GDD
A resume throught he experience of game design and creation of Goat teller and more details about it.
(GDD stands for game design document)


printable pieces:


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello everybody! I'm a hoobist drawner, i like to draw anything at all!(but not mature sexual content) and i'm trying to improve myself. I use photoshop to color my artwork and sometimes i do some origamis and kirigamis. I just cant believe i'm here in less than a year and i already feel at home here...Have met wonderfull people in here too! some very friendly that i hold as much dear as my hometown friends! Oh, and my mother is also here, at deviantart.
Current Residence: my home
Favourite genre of music: almost all of them
Favourite style of art: everytinhg that can be shaped.
Favourite cartoon character: Will.E coyotte
Personal Quote: You have only one life, so dont be afraid of death, be afraid of didn't have lived enought

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From within the womb of time a creature has been born.
The seed of life is united with the egg of tyranny .
Gestates forth from within the womb of life for three-quarter and nigh a year 
The creature has been born! The creature has been formed! 
And ye of years golden bells will chime! 
When the heavens open up 
and drink from the silver cup 
The creature thus be born! 
And blow the magic horn! 
To alert the spirit deep within the cycle of life. 
The creature has begun its journey deep forlorn, 
upon this day which he be formed 
In the sea of mucus the spirit rides down from the mountain 
and unites with the creature in the womb 
A holy union, dark mortality, until the dark mortality 
breaks the chain of life 
The creature thus be born 
And every year raineth down the celebratory tears 
A celebration of the years 
from mere mortal sky

Happy bornsmass my friend
NathanOM Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Half half, I asked some help with the "old english" words.
:iconbritishplz: Enjoy a most spendlid time chap, i'l be drawing you something as soon as i have something to replace the dead ancient relic that i call my laptop.
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